I am fascinated by new places, people and stories. Of course they come together at it´s best, while traveling. I always feel the urge to reflect my new experiences, that are based on real stories of people I meet in places I have never been before. I love the process of making art in that way, where unknown environments feel like new home bases after a shoot and almost strangers become new friends in a playful, open way of creation. It satisfies me even more to have that all captured in just one picture.
This blog was created for my 2 1/2 month travel through the US in 2014. It started as a photographic diary, but I realized that this is just a reason to keep my eyes even more open and a way to share these encounters with my followers, friends and family. When I saw the first statistics  (20.000 views in 2 month) I decided to keep on working on it every time I leave my hometown Berlin.
Thank you all for your great interest, which is the biggest motivation to keep on doing what I can´t stop anyway.

I mostly write the texts of this blog by myself, so please forgive me any misspellings. I´m not a native english speaker and I write on the road without staff.

ESRA ROTTHOFF was born and raised in Berlin to a Turkish mother and a German father. She graduated from the renowned Berlin University of the Arts and was honored for the Meisterschüler (Phd in Art). Esra Rotthoff works in the real world, in real locations, building up her sets in both a pre-meditated and spontaneous way. She is collaborating with theaters, singers and writers all over the world to realize her visual ideas, gave lectures in universities in great Britain and China. After spending 2 months in a residency program in Istanbul, she participated at Contemporary Istanbul 2012. In september 2013 she had her solo show „Muse Fling“ at The Empire Project. She also participated at the fairs unseen photography in Amsterdam and at Contemporary Istanbul in 2013. A selection of awards Rotthoff has received so far: Gute Plakate Prize (2011, 2012), Sappi Prize (2010), Canon Professional Award (2009), The Red Dot Award (2006, 2008),The IF-Award (2008, 2009) Selected twice for Deutscher Designpreis.

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