The KEY to West

The southern most part of the states - Key West. I had to go there.
I met the nicest people, everyone would help you out, even if you get along quiet well by yourself.
The Duval Street is full of bars, live music and yes, a lot of pretty happy and drunk people.
That day I found myself away from that crowd to portray some other people from Key West.

Brant (left) from Missouri came to Key West to learn the coconut webbing and stayed since 13 years. Jas is from California, he followed a girl to the keys, she left, he decided to stay.
Heather from Florida, loves Key West and moved to an even smaller town around here. 

Springbreaker and still here

A. J. has no job but loves to work out 

A police horse and a police man

When I arrived there, he really looked like he staged up his own scene. The bike layed down dramatically, almost like he would have had an accident. The radio, that was installed on his bike was turned on and a beautiful song was played (I think it was Lauren Hill, Zion), but he didn´t move at all. Unfortunately I didn´t really get his life story, but this is his most favorite spot in town and shortly after we took these pictures, he stood up, got on the bike and drove away.

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