My Car is my home

Yes, everyone who knows La, also knows about the biggest problem of the "city". 
Always Driving. The traffic. These distances that are not funny anymore. Friends that become strangers when they move away. But the biggest gift of LA might be its climate. (" I can´t believe it´s january!") 
It´s a great lifestyle: you take your sunglasses, jump in the car and get from on part of the town to another. What happens on that way there?

This photo series is shot in random locations in LA with no random people at all.

Thomas Mikusz
("Let´s not talk about earthquakes, I just clean my car") 

Toni Maria, gets ready for a meeting after the gym.

Ryan Beatty just got delivered his kick-ass  Lotus from Pennsylvania to his new home LA
( B. A. N. A. N. A. S.)

Wamuhu observes the neighborhood ( Echo Park)

Keith loves his car, but not me taking photos of him.

Claudia Ferri is ready for a "lifting up" and"Falling down" 

And I just do what I gotta do. I can´t drive so I work.

Thanks to the amazing people of LA eyeworks for making it happen,
that each person I photographed got a pair of glasses for present and Maira Becke for putting us in touch.

Thanks also to the mechanic Arin, who let me use some of his cars.
In exchange I took these pictures of him. And I think, that this already tells the story of his acting ambitions! (Hell yes, I got him shirtless;)

Merci to all, XXX e

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