Suicide in Porto

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it"
(The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde)

Porto is so beautiful - I could die right now.
When I meet Virginia, she seems to combine beauty with melancholy.
Just like the city we meet in.
We went on a suicidal trip only to get reborn again.

The funny thing is, the only one who fell this day, was myself. 
My camera hit the ground, my knee was wound.

I dream I was was dead
I make up my scenario

I try another spot to fall
the more drama the better
Or I hang myself
but where?
sleeping pills could make it too
Or I just jump in the hope the wind or a bird takes me  away
what if I just lay down on the street, waiting till the first car  hits me
Or a train?

or i could run down the scarp till I fall into the sky

A knife

Last call
But help comes to early
I wake up and I´m alive

 My muse Virginia about the process:

This experience offered the perfect opportunity to end my Europe trip with the same spontaneity that it began with: as I was waking up on my second to last day in Europe, Esra asked me if I would like to be photographed that day - of course I could not refuse. I do not usually photograph myself, and so as this opposes my habits completely I surprisingly felt comfortable during the whole session. I had an incredible last day in the city trying to represent how Porto is the perfect place to die! 

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