L´histoire d´Emile sous sa peau

The Story of Emile on his skin

I love stories, especially in images. This is why I actually travel to find them. This story found me when I was getting lost while hiking in the mountains close by Corté in Corsica. 
And also this story starts with a woman, a man and an apple. I love picking fruits from trees and when I saw this apple tree behind a huge fence, I had to steal one. It was Emile´s garden. 

And with him showing up, I had this question: Why is this man, with all these incredible tattoos in the depth of mountains of Corsica? 
It reminded me of so many hipsters with french quotes in handwriting on arms, chests and backs. But this was different. These quotes were created by himself, not to be poetic, but to remind him, who he was. Now, he grew old and the story of his life is visible. I am very happy, I met this treasure, that never got photographed before and that was kind of to shy to tell his story, but not too shy to strip for my camera. 

Before we said goodby, he gave me as chow a peach and some juice, I guess he thought I stole his apple, because I was really hungry. 

Merci Emile!

"Marie-Pierre, Natalie, Josée:I beshrew you!"
>> He says, this was his most expensive tatoo. The three wowan he wanted to send to hell with this, sued him and they won. He had to pay 41 000 to pay the damages, but he has it still on his skin.<<

>>The flames shos his force to fight<<

"That´s me, when I was young. And a girl I really liked. But you don´t see her face out of respect to her. With this position I did not want to disrespect woman, it´s just my most favorite position"

>>Under his arm, there is this tattoo of a woman with spread legs. His hair is at the pubic hair of the pussy in the tatoo<< 

"The year 1991 was just insane, but I don´t regret a thing"

"For you, there is nothing left but hate. 15 years to understand. Goodbye forever"

>> His first tattoo he ever had, he got it when he was 16<<

"You are my last song"

" I miss you - 1998"
>> His mother that passed away 1998<<

"Gentleness does not mean weakness"
>>He is very generous and kind he says, but if someone takes me not serous I show them who I am<<

"In life, you were my sun - In shadow you´ll be my light"
>> This was dedicated to his one and only love<<

L´histoire d´Emile

"The imprint of the death" and "hate helps to survive"

"Easy to have an orgasm"

>>Pascale, his last maîtresse. The only tatoo he really regrets, she does not have deserved this place at the end he says.<< 

>> There is also a Che on his left arm, but no tatoos at all at his back. This show even more, that he did this tatoos just for himself<<

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