Under one roof

The plan for this travel was actually to go to scandinavia. I had the idea to travel trough holland and sweden. But the call came from friends in France, so I gave up planning to go with the flow and a few days later I´m already on an Island.
So you can imagine, how surprised I was when I stumble in Calvi/Corsica in a Hotel that is run by a scandinavian Company with a particular concept of bringing the swedish culture to french speaking countries. When I first enter the hotel, I realize that the staff is unusual. The sexy receptionists, the cute bartender and also the cleaning personal is very young, mostly around 20, good looking and full of energy. They speak to each other in swedish and prefer to speak in english with me and not french. That particular scandinavian ascent that makes me smile all the time. Suddenly I have these questions in my head, where do they all come from? How do they live here? Is this little Hotel more a village with the character if a soap opera? The manager that looks like a viking is super open, friendly and tells me, that he lives in the building in one of the guest rooms with his son, who came visiting for summer. The rest of the staff is in the installed in the last floor underneath the roof and when I ask them to portray them in their private space they do all agree on it. I´m happy that I was able to see everyones improvised home and that I  can now share it with you.

The hotel name is not mentioned, because this is a personal project and no commercial collaboration.

Thanks to all participants

Caisa, Receptionist

Ana, 20 years. Workin as the bartender and waitress 
Christian, from Copenhagen.
Working as a bartender, waiter, and barista for 4-5 years

Anton, 20 years, working as the guide 
Pontus, 20 years old. Working as head chef 

Jennifer, Bartender and breakfast host 
19 years old, just gratueted Highschool and went straight to work in Corse

Wojtek,  32 years old and  Olimpia, 28 years old both from Polan, Working in housekeeping

Magnus, the hotel manager with his son Oskar

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